Here at Erebus Garage, we pride ourselves on providing great customer service as well as great car servicing. We understand that it is important for our customers to trust us with their cars and their money, prioritizing your best interest over monetary gains.

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I had finished my ‘cap price servicing’ with my car dealer and was up to my 60,000 km service. I rang the service department and nearly had a heart attack when the capped price is no longer how much my service was. They gave me the usual waffle about how it was a major service and I could void my warranty if I went anywhere else.

I rang Erebus Garage, explained it was a ‘major’ service at 60,000, their quote came in OVER half the amount I have previously been quoted HALF.

I booked my car in immediately, the boys were lovely and my car was back to me in no time.

And, NO my car hasn’t voided the warranty by going elsewhere. Save your cash and go see Erebus Garage, very happy and I will definitely have all my servicing done with them in the future.

Shelley Q – 

From a person who is very particular about my vehicles and wants good communication regarding them, I want to thank the entire team at Erebus Garage for their fantastic customer service. And to our technician, Johno, your meticulous work should be commended.

Ryan S – 

Awesome, excellent service!

Paddy M – 

The team are very particular and passionate about their cars. They treated my car like their own and even called my car by her name.

I was kept up to date about what was being done and pricing, and overall the labour costs were great.
Definitely recommend using them to service your car if not more!

Jola R – 

If they can tune a race car that blitzes the field, they can have the keys to tune my daily drive.

Pete R

Excellent communication and very competitive pricing. The staff are so friendly. If they can build a car that wins Bathurst then they can look after my car.

Michael H – 

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