General Servicing

To ensure your car continues to run smoothly, we offer a range of general servicing needs for any make or model of car. With highly trained and experienced mechanics you can guarantee your car is in safe and reliable hands.


Vehicle Restoration

Eventually, there comes a time when classic vehicles and generally old cars require more work than a regular service. Our highly skilled mechanics will have no problem restoring your classic car, no matter the condition of your vehicle.


Classic Cars

We understand how much you love your classic car and want to keep it in its original condition for as long as possible. This is why we offer specialised maintenance for cars, whether it’s your daily drive or designated for more special occasions, we strive to maintain it’s condition both inside and out.


Project Cars

We all know someone who has had a car sitting in their shed for years but has never gotten around to fixing it (maybe you’re that someone). We want to help with your project cars, whether that’s a complete restoration or simple roadworthy fixes, our team is passionate about dusting off that old car and getting it back on the road.


Race Cars

Being an Australian Supercar team, naturally, we are passionate about all things racing! We provide a number of services for our fellow racing enthusiasts including maintenance and set up of the race car chassis, driveline maintenance and servicing and even provide at track support for testing and racing.


Performance Cars

We can perform a number of maintenance and servicing requirements on your performance cars, including performance upgrades on areas such as suspension, engines, brakes and other key components of your vehicle.



With fabrication being a key to all customised and major repairs to vehicles, our fabrication department is second to none when it comes to custom vehicle design, repairs and modifications.



Engineering is the core of all aspects of road cars, race cars, custom cars and vehicle modifications. We work extensively in CAD design, FEA and the best engineering practises.